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D. Eric Parkison
D. Eric Parkison was born and raised near Rochester, NY, in a small town on the shore of Lake Ontario. He received his MA in English at the University of Rochester where he studied literature and poetry. He attended the Squaw Valley Writers Workshop in 2012. His poetry has appeared in Caesura, The Squaw Valley Poetry Review, and the Perfume River Poetry Review. He has poetry forthcoming in the Midwest Quarterly. He lives in Oakland, CA with his wife and their dog.

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D. Eric Parkison

In the Feed Pond



A floating basket in the weed-choked muck,

The heron settles himself. A coin

Of freshwater dross sometimes lies over

The scooped divot; prologue to the field’s turned soil.


The nearby trailer’s access ramp rotted.

The front window was busted with a rock,


Thin glass still hangs, like a question mark

In the frame. He is angular – crest pointed back,

Beak a wand before him,

Wooden, pinching small frogs and coiling snakes.


Sometimes the black water blinked up at night

Uncovered and raw, like it was what the world is,

And the bird was built a sleeping thing along

The soft slope, born knowing to tuck his head


Beneath his wing, whole, warm.

He was first, or a kind of magistrate,



D. Eric Parkison

Unfurling wings, gray dagger of his face,

Spilling water from his feet as he rose:


Those kids had expected him, watched

Through the window, banking with their arms spread.












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