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Julie Woulfe
Julie Woulfe's previous work has appeared in Crack the Spine, The Clackamas Literary Review, and Wisconsin Verse.

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Julie Woulfe

Ode to Lesbian Camp


There’s a language that comes with a twist of the tongue

Shining up worn words bright and queer,

Scissoring and gold stars, femme and even family

Are fresh again


Like the uniforms: a 70’s punk t-shirt

Or, in the East Coast chapter, Chacos paired with

The cloche of a pixie cut

A faux hawk arching like cat to a hand


Or the merest scent of a narrow waist’s curve

Wafting beneath a vest and tie

That a hand could reach around to rest upon,

If you were lovers


And a way to love

A cookbook with clearly marked timing—

And recipes so easily sabotaged 

Like a single drop of yolk in egg white



Julie Woulfe

Which is why there’s a field guide

Of sorts, marks of seniority

As clear as any count of rings;

Marking edible from poison

Us and them


And there is nothing in between—this is important:

There is nothing in between










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