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Deborah Schwartz
Deborah Schwartz's poetry and fiction have been published in journals and anthologies including: Stroboscope (forthcoming,) eclectica, The Printer’s Devil Review, The Comstock Review and G.W. Review. She lives, teaches, and writes in Boston, Massachusetts where her wife, (with her Sun sign in Leo) and dog (whose astrological chart is lost to us, as we don’t know the date of his birth but imagine him to be a Taurus), helps her with copy-editing (except with cover letters where she is excruciatingly on her own.)
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Deborah Schwartz




The sensuality of the word “bring.”


The girl out in the fog not to see it but to take it.


The quiet inside echoes it.


The horse in the field frees it.


The stove, it holds a quiet pot with a stone inside.


In the Fathers’ world, an opening passage.


In the hills of blue sound, a master.


A fiddle is placed on the floor.


Chestnut mare in the field of laughter.


You can ride her and ride her and ride.


Copyright © Deborah Schwartz. White Whale Review, issue 6.1

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