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Tania Hershman
Tania Hershman is the author of two story collections: The White Road and Other Stories (Salt, 2008; commended, 2009 Orange Award for New Writers) and My Mother Was An Upright Piano: Fictions (Tangent Books, 2012), a collection of 56 very short fictions. Tania's award-winning short stories, flash fiction and poetry are published or forthcoming in, among others, kill author, Necessary Fiction, Metazen, PANK magazine, SPECS, Smokelong Quarterly, elimae, the London Magazine, Electric Velocipede and Nature and on BBC Radio 3 and 4. She is writer-in-residence in Bristol University's Science Faculty and editor of The Short Review, the online journal spotlighting short story collections and their authors. Tania teaches regularly for the Arvon Foundation and also runs workshops on flash fiction, science-inspired fiction and the short story. Her website is www.taniahershman.com
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Tania Hershman

Into Her


smooth cup

and saucer skin stamped in sand

she sat and glittered ice and horse


breath came and went, came

and went. I loved

as glass


crunched underfoot. Her voice

was sticky silk, shot

with crystal drops, and I


sudden drowned in salt

safe, altogether

safe, but dreamed of un-

safety into her.

Tania Hershman



1. The length and girth of needles.

2. The width of him standing by a tree

3. The shadow leaving the station

4. A maiden dead for love

5. A fox slipping into sunset

6. Raw liver slicked out of her

7. A fork, a fork.

8. The end of every line

9. The end of every time

10. The thing I wish you would tell me. Tell me.

Tania Hershman

The Way They Stare


As if tea is impatient. As if they would eat me instead. Young eyes can terrorize too, no matter what years they combine. Golden-haired perhaps, but ravenous. Angelic, yes, but sly. Sat in lamplight, cups and saucers. Sat by bowls of grapes, malevolent fruit. Should I front them now? Should I shake and heave the table leg? And I the one, salaried, to impose my will, but will you look at them and tell me how? I sigh and sit, they shriek and reach. One takes an ear, one cuts just below a knuckle. I watch them as they chew.













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