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James Grinwis
James Grinwis's second book, Exhibit of Forking Paths, was selected for the National Poetry Series and published by Coffee House in 2011. He is a founding editor of Bateau Press.
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James Grinwis



My baby buffalo ate a chainsaw,

he needs pedialite,a good shaking.

It is grey and thin out.

New England college aesthetic

stilling the path inside me, like anywhere

was splitting open, like when an energy you used to hone

zips elsewhere. What a turd

is attachment and loss. They start

seeing someone else and its over, you know,

in string theory a crumbled corn cake

can be surgery, cum on an eyelid,

or a super nova. What the other is like

is like so 1955, open 24 hours,

a death halo inhaling the sacred canister

of you, like a nerve-damaged krill

on a baleen spoon.






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