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Jon Conley
Jon Conley lives in Cleveland, OH with his wife and daughter. His poetry can be found or is forthcoming in Snow Monkey and North Central Review. He plays in the band Beach Stav and occasionally covers sports for DefendClevelandShow.com. He can be found on Tumblr and Twitter.

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Jon Conley

The Down Street Coroner


waking a village

pulling on his shirt like everyone


his shirt brown like

waking in a corner feeding

the worm, the Down Street Coroner,

a dime for every time he spits

advice on tiny cards he teethed tits

under his tongue like totally free


you’re a free man

Jon Conley

Uncle Fatty


while his little pink throat bray

trumpets in the womb,

outside on the lawn is the

              parked purple Corolla

tens of years, hundreds of thousands of miles

in front slouch the other uncles

and a few loose aunts in florals

and cousins depending on the angle

(megapixels where we used to use carbon)

all those blonde hairs and tans


after having four

or several or a few

Fatty lifts a little light up, up

into the tomb,

and odd that a tomb should be up,

singing in bathrooms where

he burned boots before

batches of matches in the bowl


Copyright © Jon Conley. White Whale Review, issue 5.1

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