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Judson Evans
Judson Evans is the Director of Liberal Arts at The Boston Conservatory. He teaches courses on utopian societies, ancient Greek culture, and haiku and related Japanese poetic forms. He has been involved in a wide range of collaborative experiments with composers, choreographers, dancers, and other poets. He has published poems most recently in Volt, 1913:a journal of forms, Amethyst Arsenic, and Epoch. He is a member of Off the Park Press Writers' Collective and has poems in three of the press's recent anthologies of poetry responding to contemporary painters ( New Smoke: An Anthology of Poetry Inspired by Neo Rauch [2009], Viva La Difference: Poems in Response to Peter Saul [2010] , The Triumph of Poverty: Poems Inspired by Nicole Eisenman [due out in winter 2012] and was chosen as an emerging poet for The Association of American Poets in 2007 by John Yau.

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Judson Evans

O ─ Outtakes


Friction of film passing rapidly in rewind.


Flicker as pickets in a fence jump counting cows, a first fishing trip

              imitating the texture of old newsreels.


A stolen idol, missing map, or ominous reappearance of a demonic rubber mask

              buried in the yard.


A miniature such as a tin chicken or toy biplane made to break up during a scene.


Black and white T.V. static illuminating tinsel in a

              period of national mourning.


Restricted because of certain subjects like after school masturbation.


Jelly on a lens.


Specializing in secondary roles in crime, heist or action films; ruining the composition

              of a school picture by slumping out of frame.



Judson Evans

An effeminate figure who forms a perverse erotic attraction to the neo-realist youths who

              taunt and torture him.


Chase sequence between a young and much older boy through blue, green, and

              magenta filters.


To blur by under-aged drinking, or sequence in which a battered Dodge Dart scribbles

              backwards up a missed exit ramp.


Creating animation with ink sketched reaction shots of the death of a collie or

              humiliation in a locker room.


Vertical pan from her evocation of Jesus to the ceiling; proper matching of detail,

              movement and suffering from one frame to the next.


Shooting more film than is necessary for later editing from all angles of the bed.


To close a scene gradually by shrinking until the whole screen is black.

Judson Evans

P ─ Prodigal Sum


To search the school bus for moth wings of the shunned girl's note, or

              part of the mouth where a slur is formed.


Palimpsest of ballpoint pen through a t-shirt or the poison ink of someone else's name.


To see through doors by the optics of jealousy, or jimmy shims from floorboards

              to coax back footsteps.


Impossible to take back, return to; harden the heart against.


Miscast gifts that drizzle with indifference or foster the loose hilarity of phlegm.


To reoccupy the outline of one's mastery of another or cower within the chalk lines

              of his body.


To draw out a sting, embrace the knees, or feed on flesh wounds.


Elasticity of a wrongly understood apology or treasure hunt

              for what one ceremoniously buried.


To test the world's solubility with lies.



Judson Evans

Time-lapse concern, compassion, or consolation, filling a rabbit hutch with fresh

              mown grass or letting snow fall through the bare wire cage of

              a memory.


To quench the radio and listen to your breath or idle a car in the driveway of a house

              before you return to face the hostages and team of negotiators.


To fend off, feed, or propitiate the dead.

Judson Evans

Q ─ Quiver


Wing-walker or aerial acrobat; to reenact a childhood levitation

              by fevers or fervors.


To decode a long pent anger by touch; any Braille-like surface;

              pink polio dots, button candy, purple micro-dot acid.


Poetic language for anything which terminates in a flower stalk or feeding tube.


Any treat, trick, or soft pasty mass of comic book or holy book placed on the tongue.


Used elliptically of the departure of an eccentric friend, or inanimate object biased by

              long handling.


Ice dams in a fluid situation or the moment immediately after a secret is breeched.


An organ stop used as boundary marker or milestone.


To try on ones father's undershirts backwards; to refuse all feminine consolation.


Red-shifted light from embers of past addresses; or to see one's brother travelling in the

              opposite direction on a subway in a distant city.



Judson Evans

Something that resists becoming a contraction.


Torn black sails used for making sleeves.

Judson Evans

S ─ Saccades


To press fingers into the collapsed toe of an old shoe and open them.


A second fruiting of a rare annual.


Wine or oil poured on a grave.


Unintentional structures in the negative space of architecture:

              picnic tables under snow or time capsule coins in the lining of a rain coat.


Having multiple angles of incidence.


To paint a door or threshold over a blank wall.


A stock, stable, or store; coils of excess cable strapped to a telephone poll.


A standard deviation, or room for error having a fold-out bed.


Parentheses for new holidays; the daylight saved.


Loopholes in freshness dates or suicide pacts.



Judson Evans

Disqualified or undiscovered quadrants of a board game.


Relating to, characteristic of, or expressing hidden tracks in the snow or unforeseen



The patience to vet a new planet or run an experiment backward.


An awkward and unwarranted state of grace.


Judson Evans

U ─ Unabridged


The utmost extent, degree, condition of encirclement; highway grit mounding

                            a dead pigeon into dune; direction without compass point.


To wander outside a groove or fluting; incapable of being known, or fairly tried,

                            specifically of witch hazel switches and garden hose used in



A long-playing record or an outsourced coffee cup for begging.


A fast-selling inventory of clouds in the crowns and crowbars of birches.


Place beneath the gut for the circular breathing of grief or

                            the prolonged cry of a hare.


Indivisibility as of a child's clutched Halloween candy; teasing or taunting

                            during a commercial break.


Capable of being reunited through trance state or raffle tickets,

                            or to propel a pleasure boat by wishes.


To decontaminate a context; laughter and smoke rings escaping

                            from a cab.


Judson Evans

A variant of whist, or the quiet moments after sleet.


Quenched magnets buried as amulets, or a love letter

                            left in a recipe book.





















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