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David Levine
David Levine grew up in the poorly named town of New City, NY. After bouncing between Salt Lake City and Seattle for a year, he settled into the role of a graduate student in Boulder, Colorado. He hopes to do more in the future.

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David Levine

This Food is Every Food


You weigh tonight's dinner against our failing magnitude.


I don't want to chew on wood. This meal is missing my

fume and flare.


Dessert is a block of carbon. This is how we make the



I am boiling my empathy. I am catching breath that isn't

mine. Out beneath the hedges, you shove soil in your frown.

David Levine

If This Were Every Morning, We'd Be Alright


I doubt this is a heart attack.


No, really. I doubt this is a heart attack.


The whip that is your mouth sucks on a stone.


I can't find the intimacy of milk. Snow becomes wonder.


When the white sets in, the trees will smile back.








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