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Marc Paltrineri
Marc Paltrineri has work published or forthcoming in various journals such as The Laurel Review, Sixth Finch, H_NGM_N, elimae, and The Green Mountains Review. He is a poetry editor for the online literary journal Barnstorm and is a co-founder and editor for the poetry journal Sun's Skeleton. He lives in New Hampshire. 

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Marc Paltrineri

It Is Permitted To Go Outside


I don't take my shirt off

much, but when I do

it scares me slightly

to see who I wasn't

expecting. Hello? I am

opening the door,

but it's just the dusk again

knocking with its abundance

of acorns. I built this house,

have lived here forever / my whole

life with no others

but a dog and some shadows.

So in honor of Change Your

Life Day, I flip

two burgers in fat / self-pity

and look out the window

to where the yard is dark and

familiar. But really who am I

to say what goes on

in the blackened backyard when

the plott hound is sleeping, dream-



Marc Paltrineri

ing of venison and big juicy

moons? In the tricky shadows, why

do pineapples and palmettos

seem to rise to remind us

we no longer live where

we think we live? The climate

is changing. And how can we know

we haven't drifted, inch by inch,

down the road into somebody else's

childhood home? When we were young,

didn't we all want to move

somewhere different? And after all

those years of molting beneath

towels, between sheets, you

finally did it—you

changed your name, you

discovered the great state

of California and when asked

how you got there, you tell them

you flew.


Copyright © Marc Paltrineri. White Whale Review, issue 3.1

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