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Raymond Keen
Raymond Keen has recently completed his first volume of poetry, Love Poems for Cannibals, and is attempting to obtain publication. Five of his poems appeared in the July/August 2005 Issue of The American Poetry Review. In 2010 Raymond’s poems were published in the following literary journals: Pemmican Press, The Smoking Poet, Breadcrumb Scabs and Pismire. In 2011 the following literary journals have accepted Raymond’s poems: Howls and Pushycats, Twisted Dreams Magazine, Unlikely 2.0, Rem Magazine and The Camel Saloon.
Raymond spent three years as a Navy clinical psychologist with a year in Vietnam (1967-68); the rest as a school psychologist in the USA and overseas. He lives with his wife Kemme in Sahuarita, AZ. They have two grown children.

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Raymond Keen

Is this the Future of America?



talk excitedly at lunch

of Sylvia Plath.

Later, in their home economics class

they (the boys too) stick their heads in ovens

and turn on the gas.

Is this the future of America?

Raymond Keen

The System Hates


The system hates itself.

The system punishes

What it hates.

We are part

Of the system.

Hence, the system

Punishes us.






By the system

For being part of the system.




Copyright © Raymond Keen. White Whale Review, issue 3.1

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