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James Stotts
James Stotts is the youngest of five; poet, translator, jongleur, and father. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Little Star, Action Yes, AGNI, and 1913: a journal of forms. He is currently engaged with Russian poetry between the wars (Esenin, Vaginov, Mariengof, etcetera)
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James Stotts

sonnet changing seasons


chain lightning winding through the sky’s grey rot

you are a small god

devouring your own lips

you are the genius of a snake


the earth is sprouting wings in empty lots

through salt and poison

wherefore is my heart

tripping through the rain on bourbon winds?

my shoulders ache, heavy to the bone


as i wait, on a foldout chair in an ashfilled bottle of wine

—eaves holding the storm at arm’s length—

for maria, in her poor wet body

melting like sugar as she races home

half a mile past the end of the line





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