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John Popielaski
John Popielaski's poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in The Dark Horse, Forge, The Hollins Critic, Post Road, Barnwood, Town Creek Poetry, and Redivider.
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John Popielaski

isn't it romantic?



I’ve tried to walk in woods like Wordsworth

did with Dorothy, his sister and stenographer,

but no one will accompany me

with pen and paper so I go, a goon, alone.

A different time, a different place, a space age

of inventions stretching from their sooty time

to the particulates afloat in mine.

I do the same thing with Thoreau, my weirdo

hero: moon, idealize, say progress

isn’t what it’s been cracked up to be,

and tell whomever I am drinking with

the wheel, the light bulb, and the particle

accelerator ruined everything.

But even if you advocate clean coal

and do not mind the disappearance

of the mountaintops and the impossible

logistics of containing slurry;

even if you champion the push

to try our hand at going nuclear again

and do not fear the half life;


John Popielaski

even if you seriously believe

we can invent or innovate our way

around catastrophe and end times,

surely there is something we have left behind

that even you would not deny

you sometimes dream on your commute

of getting back to in a perfect world.

















Copyright © John Popielaski . White Whale Review, issue 2.3

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