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Laura Jo Hess
Laura Jo Hess was born in St. Louis and now lives in Brooklyn. She is attending the New School for an MFA in poetry.
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Laura Jo Hess

Last Night I Slipped My Sin in Water


Last night, I sucked meat

soft from a bone and wept.

I thrust arm to skin,

curling legs in and face

buried cheek to cotton.


This must be how I mourn:

I turn my lips purple

and wet teeth with my tongue.

I memorize conversation

and reach for a shoulder

with the flat of my palm—a slight

touch, a mistake.


By midnight, the space gets smaller

so I flatten my dress

against my knees and cross

my hands behind my back.

I catch myself

grinning into a cloth napkin.

I look you straight in the eye.


Laura Jo Hess

Last night, I wrote my name

on paper. Last night

I dissolved away.





















Copyright © Laura Jo Hess. White Whale Review, issue 2.3

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