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Peter J. Grieco
Peter Grieco is a native of Buffalo, NY where he teaches English Composition and studies at Alliance Française. He’s the author of over 75 works published during the last five years, including pieces in Danse Macabre, nthposition, Anderbo, and many others.
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Peter J. Grieco


Edvard Munch, 1904


This is what it looked like

stepping out on those slippery

rocks that line the strand.  But I

didn’t see it till I said it, while

discussing Boccaccio’s Middle Ages

& my own, how close she came

to my own perception, following

each other into the depth & distance.

Both of us were sure to drown

that way.  Yet here by the shore,

all seemed safe.  We took each

other’s arms & waded out a few

steps upon those shapely rocks that

scoured our feet, surrounded by a sun

blinding swell of light.  A few steps

on, we bobbed & laughed, drawn to

what some call the brink.



Copyright © Peter J. Grieco . White Whale Review, issue 2.3

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