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MRB Chelko
MRB Chelko is a recent graduate of The University of New Hampshire's MFA program and Editorial Assistant of the unbound journal, Tuesday; An Art Project. She has poems in current or forthcoming issues of AGNI Online, Court Green, Clementine, DIAGRAM, Lake Effect, Weave and in back-issues of many other fine journals. Chelko's poems have been featured on Verse Daily and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her chapbook is What to Tell the Sleeping Babies (sunnyoutside, 2010). She lives in Central Harlem with her husband, Nick, and dog, Chuck.
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MRB Chelko

Outside we're all


Outside we're all

at the river bottom. In the park,

I'm a stone a man

skipped once, on the street, a single oar

flailing against a cliff edge. Wet,

everything changes. The city fills

with iced tea, deadly

gas, the indistinct memory

of its own missing

hand. I woke this morning

with the knowledge that

a handless body might still leave

a hand behind. It's a game

that's not a game at all. Tag.

You're lost forever. I've found

I hallucinate a little

in the afternoon. Or I half-

dream I hallucinate. It's complex. Like loving not

your lover, only love. Now, just there, see

how those significant bits

of my life float past in paper

cups?                                                                                                                                                 Copyright © MRB Chelko . White Whale Review, issue 2.3

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