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Gale Batchelder
Gale Batchelder lives in Cambridge and has been the featured reader at the Goba Salon, the Text In-Between series curated by Tom Daley and Matt Serpico, as well as at Stone Soup Poetry. She is a member of the New York City-based poetry collective Off the Park Press. Her poems have appeared in the anthology New Smoke: Poems Inspired by Neo Rauch (Off the Park Press, 2008).
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Gale Batchelder

"They Say Everything can be replaced"

(Bob Dylan)


Starting yesterday, I cannot find my sunglasses.

I expect this to continue for a while. The hopeless

sphere no longer shines through the window.

Until evening, the gray is unmoved.


Starting yesterday, gold runs past the stars,

crying for yellow. A scent rising out of sunlight

and salt wakes the island and everyone keeps asking,

why—or why did—

I expect this to end

never but I reserve the right to say, why not?


Starting yesterday, no one can stop my brother

from saying, Andrew shot himself today,

his hueless voice without warm-up or filter, one

moment thickening to fill the air of the quiet car.


Starting yesterday, the keys are in the other

pocket but I do not remember having changed

out of the blue jeans and into the black ones.

Copyright © Gale Batchelder . White Whale Review, issue 2.2

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