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Russel swensen
Russel Swensen is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts. His work has appeared in Quarterly West and Black Clock and is forthcoming in The Tusculum Review.  He is currently in his 4th year in the Ph.D in Creative Writing Program at the University of Houston.
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Russel Swensen



They say they will pump electricity though my mind

like light


through the wings of a butterfly     where it hides

somewhere behind my eyes.

Russel Swensen



I dream that a rabbit is torturing me.

His ears are flaxen, flop.

He’s the color of an Asian pear.

He’s opened me up with a pair of scissors.

He hates all the red oatmeal in me.

I hate it too.

The rabbit used to be my friend.

I know this in the dream

because he tells me.

This is your own fault, he reminds me.

His heart is turning into a pearl.

It’s what happens

when you drown a rabbit. You sure

thought you were clever, the rabbit







Copyright © Russel Swensen. White Whale Review, issue 2.1

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