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Tania Runyan
Tania Runyan's chapbook, Delicious Air, was published by Finishing Line Press and awarded the 2007 Book of the Year citation by the Conference on Christianity and Literature. In 2011, her full-length collection of poetry will be released by WordFarm. Her poems have also appeared in several journals and anthologies, such as Poetry, The Christian Century, Atlanta Review, Willow Springs, Indiana Review, Nimrod, Poetry Northwest, Southern Poetry Review, and A Fine Frenzy: Poets Respond to Shakespeare.
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Tania Runyan

in utero


At nine weeks, the book tells me,

the baby is the size of an olive.

Within a month she expands

to a plum, a lime, a peach.

In my dreams brilliant fruits

twist and strain at the stem.


At week fourteen, she becomes

my fist, at seventeen, my hand

spread wide. I close and open

my fingers, watch the shadow

curl in the warmth of my palm.


I wish my body were known

by images, aligned with the world

of things: a six-foot young maple,

a giant neon I, a humpback’s

glittering fluke. I would glide

in the pulse of dark water



Tania Runyan

unaware of destinations,

soothed by the distant winds

above the surface

until I became a self,

without comfort or metaphor,

naked and whole in the burning light.


















Copyright © Tania Runyan. White Whale Review, issue 2.1

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