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Allison P. Brown
Allison P. Brown's work has appeared in Books & Culture and Green Hills Literary Lantern.
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Allison P. Brown

The Finding


To be alert

hurts the muscles of the eyes,

lids and temples weary

from watching, always holding up

the heavy hand resting

on the watcher’s head.

In dreams vigilance pinches

strangely, the arm prodding

a candle in the dark cave

of the lover’s mouth;

small of the back

as the dream’s belly sprouts

with a grandmother’s eye.

Look for the bakery

at the corner, then turn

left, and it’s a blue house.

Look for me by the gate,

I’ll have your ticket.

Help me look for my shoe,



Allison P. Brown

I’m late. The magic

is the finding, each snapshot

woven delicately in the mind

brought to fruition

when you see the bright blue

of your husband’s scarf

in the crowd, an old friend

standing on the porch embracing

your arrival. And what

doesn’t materialize—

footsteps behind you

catching up, a hand

at your throat, the car

whipping around the corner

as you step off the curb,

lottery falling on your number—

we are still always

looking for, minds pacing

long into the night

with the gray face of a guard,



Allison P. Brown

conjuring moths

and crystal-studded knives,

until these premonitions

become a talisman for the gold

we are digging, digging.









Copyright © Allison P. Brown. White Whale Review, issue 2.1

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