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Heather June Gibbons
Heather June Gibbons’s poems have appeared in Drunken Boat, Juked, Third Coast, Blackbird, New Ohio Review, Shampoo, Pebble Lake Review, and Hot Metal Bridge, as well as the anthology Best New Poets 2006 (Samovar, 2006). Gibbons is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where she won an Academy of American Poets prize. She currently teaches creative writing and literature at Purdue University.
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Heather June Gibbons



On the couch he could admit his obsession

with the illegal logarithms scrawled

on lampposts—the way they revealed


the quivering silver of a shaky hand

much in the way a woman’s red hat

becomes the focal point around which


an entire plateau can be organized.

If he could, he’d brush the cinders

from her knees. He is alone and full


of questions, wondering how he can take

the fifth while standing on a lip of scree,

wrapping and unwrapping her hands


with his mind, a proud new owner.





Copyright © Heather June Gibbons. White Whale Review, issue 1.3

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