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Will Fenton
Will Fenton grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine. He moved to Florida for his undergraduate degree, where he received his BA in English from Rollins College in 2005. After graduating, he worked for Harcourt for several years, including a year based in Germany, just outside Frankfurt. He has been published or has work forthcoming in Boston Literary Magazine and Miller's Pond Poetry Magazine, The Monongahela Review, and Writer’s Bloc. He is currently a candidate for a Masters with a Writing Concentration at Fordham University in New York City.
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Will Fenton



I take my eyes out of my shirt pocket,

polish them, plug them in, see Gatsby’s fresh

green breast of the new world: Manhattan stepping

out dripping from the tub, wiping loose

Lenape-Dutch-British suds from her spine,

from craggy thoracic to spooned lumbar.

She sheds moss, coughs soot, sprouts stalagmites;

varicose veins climb up dimpled thighs,

arteries feather below stubbly skin.

Manhattan, you have grayed this winter and

I strain to see you as you once were:

a mother, a mother to loud, thirsty

children, who stack their dreams as bricks atop

your spine, generous as it is brittle.








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