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C. Thompson Boling
C. Thompson Boling is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she studied English. She lives on Nantucket with her husband, a cat, and a dog. She is a jack of all trades--having dabbled in the worlds of teaching, event planning, retail, and, her current endeavor, real estate. When she is not writing, she is growing daffodils or finding sand dollars on Smith's Point.

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C. Thompson Boling

The Divorce


Maybe it was a bat

              or an angel

that halved the great olive tree in the courtyard.

Its splintered trunk


             a whole,

             a thousand gnarled knots

into two complete hemispheres.

             One East.

             One West.


             scattered now

             like the waxy oblong leaves.



C. Thompson Boling

             Thinner now like the

             orbital drupes.

The fleshy outer layers of this

was always protecting

             something harder.

             Something sweeter.

C. Thompson Boling



The war staged in the kitchen

was adrift now and was settling


between the stalks of the tobacco plants

behind the red barn. Roots, leaves, tops all

maturing in the black soil.

It was midway through

the summer when the rain stopped.

Dust was collecting in sweet pools.

It licked our cracked boots and settled

in the electric fields like peppered moths on tree bark.

We were once visible to the current.

We were visible once, but now

there is too much space between.


C. Thompson Boling

So we spend our afternoons and our evenings

filling the empty spaces

with pine needles and pollen sacs.

In the mornings,

we watch the Great White Herons

take flight from their reedy beds.

Lying on our backs,

we count the milky plumes as they fall


(then three).

It never belonged to me

your heart, bell shaped and fine.






Copyright © C. Thommpson Boling. White Whale Review, issue 1.3

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