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Mark Fleckenstein is a poet and painter. His first book, Fallen Stars, is forthcoming from Cervena Barva Press in late 2009. He has two chapbooks, The Memory of Stars (Sticks Press, 1995) and I Am I, Drowning Knee Deep,, which is available online chapbook.

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Mark Fleckenstein



Even the most broken life can be restored to its moments.

— Carolyn Forche


After mistaking a nail for a hand, drawing

I love you in red air, caressing the idea

of memory, a named abscess

humid, gray, flustered. A picture uncompro-

mised by weather, blunt or sharpened instruments,


one word, two words, light, a blue wool coat smelling of

wind and winter trees. Two legs, also woolen,

starch pearl gray, luminescent, bent over side-

ways, over shoes tired and untied.

Draw breath – as if a hand understands what it moves, means.

Mark Fleckenstein



Inherent, not inherited. Lungs expecting, ac-

cept oxygen. Blood whin-

ing about the body. Red, white,

corpuscular. Expectations

of winter, photographed light. Two bodies


absolved of touch, expression, explanations, small

and smaller parenthesis. Tangled,

matted. So evening settled

against what could be right. The moon,

patient as the ocean, waning toward decision.

Mark Fleckenstein



You urge me, after so many years of silence, to send you details about my occupations, about this "wonderful" world in which, you say, I am lucky enough to live and move and have my being. I might answer that I am a man without occupation, and that this world is not in the least wonderful.

— E.M. Cioran, "Letter To A Faraway Friend"


No rainbow ends the tunnel. Rocks

do not bleed, speak in tongues, accrue ambition, but sleep

hard, water-tight, What light,

he thinks, birds swearing clouds, abandoning trees,

flight. My occupation. My state. Sleep? Move. Go.











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