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Jay Snodgrass is the author of two books of poems. Monster Zero (2002), poems about Godzilla, and the The Underflower (2007), poems about Ponce de Leon. His poems have appeared in Ploughshares, the Iowa Review and Shenandoah. He lives in Florida with his family and dog.
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Jay Snodgrass



Humanized by the secret caress of children

the caramelized dinosaur at the playground


looms over the seesaw’s chewing rhythm

like an offering. In my dream I decipher


the split of the many words for footstep, a jungle’s

tears, reassembling them into


carbon dated mechanics, a computer print out

of fleeing herds, the desperate and doomed


wrapped up together in words like eon and love.


At my end of extinction I’m a little droopy eyed,

waiting outside the museum for a cab, some


purpose, or just lingering with not much else

to motivate, perhaps masticating a cud


waiting for the world and its children

to fawn over my reassembled corpse.                                Copyright © Jay Snodgrass. White Whale Review, issue 1.1

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