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Dan Murphy was born June 6, 1939, in Lowell, MA. He began to speak when he was six years old, smoke when he was eight, drink when he was fourteen, and read when he was twenty-one. He attended Lowell Trade School while he worked in a factory in Lowell. Later, he also worked as a painter, carpenter, high school/college English teacher, and a family therapist. In the old days, he hung out with Jack Kerouac in the SAC Club and Nicky’s Bar in Lowell. In his youth, he was also a champion boxer. He married Joan Bovitz Murphy, had a daughter and twin sons, and began to write poetry. After a long career as a teacher of English, he now works with individuals and couples in therapy. Poetry is a personal lifeline in his life. He lives and works in Wilmington, MA. Dan has published in numerous journals such as The Comstock Review; International Journal of Literature; Parnassus Literary Journal; Treoir, The Irish Book of Traditional Music, Song and Dance, Dublin, Ireland; Slieve Aughty Journal, County Clare, Ireland; Salmon Magazine; Soundings East and others.
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Dan Murphy



Lean stems below bush, bloom her stark lily

lay screamingly hold, keen-start unconcealed,

seem bold yet my crave, ever she thrill me;

astray goddess pray, burn sunny rare field.


Seams cotton trace weaves, fire wildly threads,

clear is so gauzy, skin lightly as breeze,

mean sun’s too succinct, squall downy a bed;

sheer legs astir longing, blind wispy they please.


Sky time forward blaze, starkly exposure,

where essence feint shock, roam womanly dare

lie rear and high-pure, plunging composure;

swear skyline her need, awakens thin bare.


Shaft sunlight shines bright, fresh dawning light lies;

cry womb-ample lift, sigh-blue fills the air;

craft cavern sunlight, light-fair to the eyes;

die closely soothe hole, so comely her care.


Copyright © Dan Murphy. White Whale Review, issue 1.1

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