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George Kalogeris teaches humanities and literature at Boston University and at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. He recently published a book of poems based on the notebooks of Albert Camus entitled Camus: Carnets (Pressed Wafer). In 1986, he received a master's degree in creative writing from Boston University. He completed his Ph.D. studies in comparative literature at the University Professors Program, Boston University in 1991. His doctoral thesis was entitled "Folk Songs and Foreign Influences in Modern Greek Poetry: the Growth of the Demotic Tradition." His poems have appeared in Agni, Harvard Review, and Ploughshares. "Horace in Athens," translated from Cavafy, appears in the Penguin edition of Horace in English (1996).
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George Kalogeris


a translation of the original by Hugo von Hofmannsthal


I still can feel their breath on my cheek,

Though they vanished without the slightest trace—

Those days that were here just last week;


Those days that are always here today

And gone forever tomorrow. And this

Is something no one explains away,


Something too dreadful to express—

Though we know that even as we speak

Everything’s flowing away from us,


So far away it will never come back.

Unhindered as the rising fog

Of the self, which starts when a child can think


For itself, the days are a catalog

That doesn’t add up, and it strikes us dumb

As the blank look of a stray dog



George Kalogeris

When we try to make sense of what we’ve become

Compared to the child we thought we were.

Stranger still, the days are a stream


That flowed to us through ancestors

Who lived in another century--

Corpses wrapped and buried under


The earth are as much a part of me

As my own hair, each strand of which

Drifts on the flow of days, in the breeze.












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